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Our new Mississauga office is located in the brand new tower near the intersection of Hurontario and Derry Roads. We're in the north part of the city (close to Brampton), between the 401 and the 407, and just west of Highway 410.  With years of experience in the practice, and countless successful transactions in our history, our team is influential in the Mississauga real estate market. We have assisted both buyers and sellers, along with lenders and Realtors in both residential and commercial categories with their needs. Whether it's your first family home, or a multi-unit commercial property, we understand the pressure of timelines and the challenges of financing.   

To ensure our clients continue to receive high quality and timely legal services in the areas of law that they require, we are now operating in a new location in Mississauga.

At TSC Law, we are fortunate to have the specialized skills of our founder, Tejdeep Chattha, practicing in the area of commercial real estate law. His other primary area of specialization is in assisting business professionals with such tasks as incorporations, lease management, business financing, as well as buying and/or selling their professional dental, medical or veterinary practices. The skills that make Tejdeep an excellent lawyer for commercial ventures serve him well when assisting land developers and investors in their real estate transactions.  The area of civil litigation differs greatly from many other practice areas. In corporate law, for example, we are often tasked with matters that are non-antagonistic - establishing a new business or closing a real estate transaction, for example. While our role is always to advocate for our client's best interest, when we get into litigation - matters involving disputes or enforcements - delivering the best possible outcome often requires a higher degree of negotiation skills and creative thinking. Our team of litigators has the expertise gained from years of experience to be your strongest advocate in any civil matter.  

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We love what we do and welcome an opportunity to use our skills, experience and passion to find the right solution to your legal matters, and thereby contribute to your success. If you are looking for legal professionals who are responsive to your needs, we invite you to meet our dedicated team of lawyers. We are always available for a free consultation.

Commercial real estate transactions include a level of complexity not found in residential real estate. We have broad experience in this field, so whether you are a seasoned developer or a first time investor, we can assist with your project from start to finish. We have handled multi-unit residential and large scale commercial projects from land acquisition through financing, establishing joint ventures, enforcing leases and mortgages, to dispositions.  The practice area of corporate law is headed up by TSC Law Partner Sundip Natt, whose wide range of corporate experience combined with his creativity and attention to detail makes him the best choice for achieving the desired result. His expertise includes mergers & acquisitions, shareholder agreements, corporation reorganizations & dispositions, franchising & joint venture contracts, leasing agreements, employment & non-disclosure pacts and more.  

It is our objective to make the law accessible, convenient and comfortable for our diverse community of clients, and to develop long-lasting relationships founded on a solid base of hard work and trust. We aim to be leaders by providing affordable exceptional service.

TSC Law is a leader and innovator in real estate law. We have experience in every aspect of transactions that involve the transfer of real estate from one party to another, along with the ancillary complications such as title disputes, land use & zoning concerns, issues between landlord & tenants, tax implications, lease agreements, property development proposals, and so on.   The area of real estate law merges with our practice dedicated to healthcare professionals when it comes to building leases. There is a significant number of issues to consider when you sign a long-term lease to rent space for your business - things you may not find important now but that could prove to be critical in just a few years time. If you are venturing into this type of real estate transaction as a business owner, be sure to read our article about the caveats of leases, and contact us for a free consultation before you sign.  

TSC Law Professional Corporation offers specialized services in Corporate, Real Estate, Divorce & Family Law and Civil Litigation for individuals and business owners in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Contact us at (905) 678-6300 to arrange your free consultation.